And Teaming. - Linda Jones
Linda Jones is an award-winning NYC based actor and voice coach currently working in audiobook narration and voice over, as well as theatre, film and television.
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10 Oct 2012 And Teaming.

Back to practice tonight, after a day of recording at audible. It was our Wednesday ‘quality’ workout, and the last big push before we start tapering next week. Which means? Hill repeats. Ohhhhh yeah. Us vs. the cat.

I’ve been really, really tired recently; the stress of the last few weeks is taking its toll. Which is okay, actually – it just means I need to take it easy. Breathe. Go lightly. Rest is never a bad thing, and those shin splints that I was so worried about not only feel better – they actually seem rather insignificant in the whole scope of things.

Nonetheless: hill repeats. A mile warm-up, stretches, and then the fun begins. Start at the base of the hill – the boathouse; effort level dialed to 8; past conversational; focus on form, breathing: go! Up Cat Hill we ran, about a quarter mile climb – push it, work it, go! go! go! go! go!! Recover back down. Repeat. And repeat again. And again. And again.

The assignment was four to eight repetitions. Given my energy level, my plan was to go easy. But my ego kicked in and I pushed a little too hard that first time up. A good pace, but breathing hard, I recovered back down and wondered if I had four in me – let alone six to eight. And frankly, after two I wondered if I was done.

But something happened. Another teammate was struggling at the back of the pack, and she was frustrated and upset by her own perceived failure. She needed a team with her, and so did I – I started to run with her; so did one of our mentors; another teammate, Q, jumped out of the pack he was running with to run with us as well. Suddenly we were a pack, a team, encouraging each other on, focusing on form, cheering at each completed lap.

We were going a little slower, pacing ourselves, yes – but what kept us going was running together. When we finished four repeats, I was done; but Q wanted to keep going , so we went. Five, six – I figured that was it. And I felt great that I’d pushed further than I thought I could! But I’d confessed on the way down the last lap that I hadn’t planned on doing more than four – I didn’t think I had it in me. So Lynn – the teammate that was struggling – looked at me directly and asked, “Seven?” I declined. But Q joined in. Then Wilna, our mentor. Another teammate decided to another lap with us and suddenly? I was doing that seventh climb up Cat Hill.

Had I been out there by myself, I *might* have done three laps. Honestly – I didn’t think I had more in me. But in running with a pack, a team, I was able to dig deeper and go further; I *did* have it in me, and so did *all* of us.

I need my team.

Linda Jones
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