There is this Dog. - Linda Jones
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
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There is this Dog.

11 Sep 2016 There is this Dog.

cdog_portrait cdog_cheese

She bounded in on September the Eleventh, three years ago today.

The rescue had named her Greta, and before that she’d been “Zippy” and “Hyena.” (Yes.) She was anxious and alert, and more than a little bit wary (but boy did she know how to sit for a biscuit!). John and I named her Coraline, for the Neil Gaiman character, because she was smart, brave, wily, and had figured out her own way forward. It was a match.

Though we were taken at first with her gentle, calm demeanor – we quickly discovered, after a couple of tentative weeks, it had masked a goofy, energetic, love-bug. She is indeed gentle and kind, but also smart and wickedly funny. And though she can be the soul of patience, she isn’t shy about expressing her displeasure.

She is tireless in her pursuit of cheese. 

She is a relentless cuddler.

She can nap like nobody’s business.

These things we do together – and our lives are so much better for it. We go on adventures.

There is a heart shaped spot in the middle of her belly (she might as well have put it there herself). She’s getting chattier these days – always with something to say – and when she smiles (and she smiles all the time), it stretches from ear to ear. She has no idea how beautiful she is, so we just keep telling her. She makes our lives better, every day in every way, and I’ve no idea how we got so lucky.

Linda Jones
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