It Loomed. - Linda Jones
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
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It Loomed.

13 Apr 2017 It Loomed.

ItLoomed1 ItLoomed2 ItLoomed3 ItLoomed4 ItLoomed5

Such a strange day today. A brilliant blue spring day, and the air is warm and crystal clear. John left early to head north toward Maine, so I was keeping my eye on the clock – I wanted to be home early for the pup (no need for her to be alone all day). I had an audition downtown in the afternoon, so I timed it and prepped, makeup and hair and train schedules. On time, In and out. Super easy, super clean. Nice. But I was still carrying the news I’d texted John with earlier: we bombed Afghanistan today. The biggest non-nuke we’ve got. We cut it loose and I am troubled and scared and apprehensive at what comes next. And I’m carrying it with me. Perhaps I won’t tomorrow. I’ll have to wait and see. And with that weight hovering within reach, and the awareness of the in-between of Passover and Easter, I left my audition in search of my train, turned a corner and there was this. The biggest, most massive anti-war memorial there is. Right within reach. I was there. It loomed.

I hadn’t meant to be there, I get turned around downtown, I know, but – I really hadn’t realized I was so close.

And it gets me. Every. Damn. Time.

Passover. Easter. 9/11. And today we bombed Afghanistan.

What a bloody strange day it is today.

Linda Jones
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