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Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
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Author: LJo


01 Nov Dad.

Every summer for as long as I can remember our family went camping. Dad worked for Raytheon, and our vacations usually happened during their “summer shut-down” – two blissful weeks in the height of summer when we’d pack up the station wagon and hit the...

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20 Sep Paralleling

Well yes, I recently rejoined the wonderful team at ABC Television's What Would You Do to shoot the 'Parallel Parker From Hell' flashback edition! It was a terrific shoot on the streets of downtown Montclair. AND - at long last, it's coming to a tv near...

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22 Aug A View from the Cutting Room Floor

An urgent call, email and two texts on Friday from a dear-but-far-away friend brought a new project: KCRW's 5th Annual 24-hour Radio Race. I'd never heard of this wonderful thing and I was intrigued. KCRW in Santa Monica hosts this annual competition in which contestants...

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Uncanny County

30 Jul A Lovely Time Was Had by All

What a fun session yesterday—in the booth with the good folks of Uncanny County. If you haven't caught it yet, it's a fun, quirky, darkly comic and now award-winning podcast that offers a paranormal audio play each month. Their first season was a terrific hit—you can catch up on any...

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29 Apr Thunderstorms.

One of the things I missed most when I was in California—there were no thunderstorms. Deep in the morning hours John woke me to see the show. Our windowsills now are deep, and I curled up in this one to watch the sky - it was...

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13 Apr It Loomed.

     Such a strange day today. A brilliant blue spring day, and the air is warm and crystal clear. John left early to head north toward Maine, so I was keeping my eye on the clock - I wanted to be home early for the pup...

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11 Sep There is this Dog.

She bounded in on September the Eleventh, three years ago today. The rescue had named her Greta, and before that she’d been “Zippy” and “Hyena.” (Yes.) She was anxious and alert, and more than a little bit wary (but boy did she know how to...

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05 Aug Wanderlust

The wonderful thing about a return to running is that there are no expectations of greatness. No expectations, really, of anything - other than… well… perhaps this might hurt a little… or perhaps not? There is, admittedly, some trepidation in the anticipation of it. But...

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