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Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
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Author: LJo


08 Jun June Bug

What a wonderful year! Life, both personal and professional, has been speeding along in the best possible way, and I'm finally grabbing a moment to breathe, catch up and post. First things first (you may have noticed): new pictures, new site! The photos were done by the always...

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03 Jun Boothy.

I am so lucky. When John & I knew we were probably going to move, we started window shopping apartments in a variety of neighborhoods. We used apps and online listings to see what was available, long before we actually needed to be looking. Our...

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16 Mar Oh Montréal, je vous aime tellement.

There is nothing 'slimming' about Montreal. It is a once a year decadence, and we feast like kings. And what a way to get out of town—a gorgeous, restful daylong train ride through the Hudson Valley and up into the Adirondacks, past Lake Champlain and into...

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25 Oct Dark at the Center

What a remarkable evening. I've just returned from performing a supporting role in a wonderful new play, Dark at the Center by Deborah Savadge. It was the winner of this year's Playwrights First competition, and is smart and dark and provocative - I can't wait to...

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11 Jun ‘Ike’ Released!

Well yes, the good news just keeps on keepin' on. Ike Interviews God—the film I did a while back, directed by Eli Shapiro, has been burning up the festival circuit. It's an irreverent short in which I'm the voice of God (I come in at about...

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11 Jun Books & Books at Audible!

Not one but two recent releases for Audible! Both are steamy romances—perfect as we head into beach weather! Put on those headphones, download some fiction. You can find, Yours Forever by Farrah Rochon here. And you can find, Perfect 10 by Erin McCarthy here. Beach books, baby!...

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11 Jun Chewing Scenery

It’s always exciting to revisit a project, particularly when you’ve had time away from it to pause and reflect. Honor Student, by Michael Erickson, the reading I did back in December, is getting another look. I’m delighted - my role (Naomi) is complex, layered and challenging,...

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