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Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
Linda Jones, actor, writer, runner, reader, lover of cats & dogs...
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01 Nov Dad.

Every summer for as long as I can remember our family went camping. Dad worked for Raytheon, and our vacations usually happened during their “summer shut-down” – two blissful weeks in the height of summer when we’d pack up the station wagon and hit the...

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20 Sep Paralleling

Well yes, I recently rejoined the wonderful team at ABC Television's What Would You Do to shoot the 'Parallel Parker From Hell' flashback edition! It was a terrific shoot on the streets of downtown Montclair. AND - at long last, it's coming to a tv near...

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29 Apr Thunderstorms.

One of the things I missed most when I was in California—there were no thunderstorms. Deep in the morning hours John woke me to see the show. Our windowsills now are deep, and I curled up in this one to watch the sky - it was...

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11 Sep There is this Dog.

She bounded in on September the Eleventh, three years ago today. The rescue had named her Greta, and before that she’d been “Zippy” and “Hyena.” (Yes.) She was anxious and alert, and more than a little bit wary (but boy did she know how to...

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08 Jun June Bug

What a wonderful year! Life, both personal and professional, has been speeding along in the best possible way, and I'm finally grabbing a moment to breathe, catch up and post. First things first (you may have noticed): new pictures, new site! The photos were done by the always...

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