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Linda Jones is an award-winning NYC based actor and voice coach currently working in audiobook narration and voice over, as well as theatre, film and television.
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09 Sep Central Park River Running

We were at mile 11 when the skies opened up, and within moments we were soaked through. Only 7 more miles to go. On the bridle trail. No escaping it - a few people ducked under sheltering branches, but the downpour was huge and unrelenting. We...

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08 Sep Facing 18

Thursday night's run was amazing, not for the assignment (hill repeats) necessarily, but for how good it felt. I warmed up on the reservoir, and then tackled the hill with which we start most weekday practices - my nemesis. Four repeats on the gravel trail...

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05 Sep Morning Runs

Got up before the sun and hit the roads before the rains came in this morning. The forecast told me I had until 7:30a(ish), and the sky was foreboding. I wanted to have enough time to put in some miles and still make it back...

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04 Sep Joy.

It's when 'Yes' arrives.

 It's when 'Yes' arrives, kicks open the door, unpacks its bags and sets up shop. 

It's when a kid's whole world is transformed through possibility.

 14 weeks ago I started training with the Team for Kids (TFK) to run the NYC Marathon. Again. I...

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03 Sep Labor Day

Got some much needed rest this Labor Day weekend. Life went the way it will, and the running had to take a back seat for a bit. Which turned out to be a blessing - a chance to rest, heal, reflect on the last 14...

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03 Sep Time Trials!

Speed work last Wednesday. Quality workouts have been focused on speed work for the last few weeks. Fartleks, 800m laps, and on Wednesday: time trials. We started the official training in June with a 5k time trial; on Wednesday, 14 weeks in, we did the same....

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28 Aug Boy Howdy!

16 miles, baby!! 16 miles on a hazy, humid Saturday morning in Central Park and boy howdy was it goooood. Before the morning had barely begun, I'd finished 16 miles, my legs were coated in dust and dirt, my face was salty and my heart...

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19 Aug Rain Dates

So the universe has been forcing rest - and I'm accepting that somewhat frustrating, though much-needed blessing. It's been a fall-back week, which means easy runs, slightly lower mileage, allowing our legs to rest and recover from the last three-week push. I was not feeling...

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