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Linda Jones is an award-winning NYC based actor and voice coach currently working in audiobook narration and voice over, as well as theatre, film and television.
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03 Jun 2016 Boothy.

I am so lucky. When John & I knew we were probably going to move, we started window shopping apartments in a variety of neighborhoods. We used apps and online listings to see what was available, long before we actually needed to be looking. Our last search was so strenuous, we didn’t want to go through that again. 

It was early November when a listing caught our eye that we just couldn’t resist going to see. And wonder-of-wonders, it actually looked like the pictures; it actually was exactly as described! (If you’ve ever hunted an apartment in NYC, you know that accuracy in real estate ads is … well, the exception.) We left that night knowing we wanted it, and feeling uneasy – it couldn’t be that simple. Could it?

It can.

We put in an application on the first and only apartment we saw – such a different experience than our last apartment hunt. We met the landlords and they’re lovely people. And we moved in on December 12th; we got our first Christmas tree in Brooklyn just a few days later.

The apartment is even bigger that described in the listing (again, unprecedented honesty!) – and we are so excited and grateful to both have our own small home offices! Mine couldn’t be more perfect – a 7×10 room with a window and a recording booth, on the back of the building with no upstairs neighbors, no traffic, no hallways. There is occasionally a plane going by… for which I pause, breathe, and then continue recording once it has passed. It’s a wonder and a I delight, and I feel so privileged – only a few months ago I was recording in a box in my living room.

We do what we can, of course. But this makes my job easier, gives me more time and freedom, and it means that – on days that John & I are both working from home – I have a built in lunch date! (And of course Coraline is thrilled.)

Sometimes… it *can* be that easy.


Linda Jones
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